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Book: Naked Chocolate by David Wolfe
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Activated Barley, 1lb, Sun Warrior, Organic

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Activated Barley, 1lb, Sun Warrior, Organic

Prijs: € 29,95 (incl. 6% btw)


 Discover Sun Warrior Organic Activated Barley, the ancient superfood which has been used to boost performance, enhance the immunity, and maintain endurance for thousands of years! Sun Warrior Organic Activated Barley has been bio-energetically enhanced through a unique pre-sprouting method, designed to increase the vitality in the barley seed up to 400% more than in non-sprouted barley. This totally unique, low-glycemic superfood is rich in naturally occurring enzymes, polysaccharides, and protein, giving us the resources we need to let our inner beauty shine. Sun Warrior Organic Activated Barley offers the ultimate slow-burning carbohydrate and a steady supply of energy to the body, making it perfect for those looking to achieve their optimal weight. Activated Barley is perfect for athletes, body builders, and health enthusiasts requiring a steady source of energy for long workouts or periods of intense concentration and focus.

The word Gladiator originally meant “men who eat barley”. In ancient Rome each Gladiator was required to eat a meal of barley every morning, as it was found that barley offered sustained energy and long-lasting endurance for intense competition. Modern research has demonstrated that the complex carbohydrates of barley break down slowly, providing a steady supply of energy to the body without rapid increases in blood sugar. Barley may have also strengthened the Gladiators’ immunity, enabling them to stay healthy and recover from their strenuous efforts more quickly. Increased strength sustained over long hours of continuous activity, plus heightened powers of immunity… these define the character of the ancient Gladiators and of all true Sun Warriors!

Activated Barley takes the nutritional density of the Gladiators’ staple food and elevates it to levels previously thought unattainable. During the low temperature activation process, the energy of the barley seed is captured at the point of highest bio-activity, immediately before it sends out its first green leaves. At this stage the barley seed is at its most energetic, and contains the highest levels of enzymes. Capturing the energy of the sprouting process during this crucial window of opportunity opens up the potential for a phenomenal nutritional yield, increasing the availability of beta-glucans and other nutrients by up to 94%. We now have the ability to enhance the nutritional power of Activated Barley in ways that the Gladiators knew only by intuition.

Potential Health Benefits of Activated Barley

Sun Warrior Organic Activated Barley is rich in beta-glucans, a unique class of polysaccharide which has been the subject of hundreds of scientific studies over the last few decades. Polysaccharides hold the key to wide range of nutritional benefits; they are the unifying thread running through medicinal mushrooms, Goji berries, Aloe vera, Yacon, and Noni. Recent studies offer strong evidence that beta-glucans offer resources for many of our most pressing health concerns, far beyond the abilities of many other polysaccharides. Activated Barley offers a concentrated source of beta-glucan 1-3, one of the most powerful of all beta-glucan polysaccharides. The beta-glucans in Sun Warrior Organic Activated Barley may help to boost energy and endurance, support the immune system, normalize cholesterol levels, and soothe the digestive system.

Many studies indicate that beta-glucan 1-3 D activates the white blood cells, the defender cells of the immune system. This increases the activity of macrophages, specialized white blood cells which help the body ward off viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens. Research shows that Activated Barley also contains enzymes which exhibit an increased ability to mop up free radicals. This factor offers a critical defense against a diverse array of environmental toxins. The food of the ancient Gladiators is ready to meet the challenges faced by our immune systems everyday.

Studies have shown that beta-glucans such as those found in Activated Barley may be an effective tool in controlling cholesterol levels. Cholesterol is naturally produced by the body to protect cells during replication. Scientists found that beta-glucans safely bind to oxidized cholesterol molecules, which are then expelled from the body. This is one of the gentlest ways to reduce cholesterol, as it removes only the old, sticky cholesterol which might otherwise build up in our arteries. In one study conducted by the Chicago Center for Clinical Research, groups consuming high levels of beta-glucans showed significant reductions in cholesterol after only six weeks, while the control group showed no reductions in cholesterol levels. We now have the opportunity to benefit from Activated Barely in ways the Gladiators could never have imagined.

Beta-Glucans are a highly purified polysaccharide molecule, composed almost entirely of the simple sugar glucose. This glucose is easily transformed by the body into Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP), an energy source that can be stored by muscles, the liver, and other tissues. In addition to stabilizing blood and tissue glucose levels, beta-glucans like those found in Activated Barley may also trigger hormonal changes that result in reduced insulin resistance. All of these factors establish Activated Barley as an ideal food for low-glycemic diets. The Gladiators realized that in every competition, every challenge is an opportunity, a blessing of strength waiting to be revealed. The benefits of Activated Barley are available to all those who are ready to be Sun Warriors.

Recent studies indicate that taking Activated Barley may offer major relief for those challenged by mild to moderate inflammation of the colon. Indeed, patients in many studies experienced relief of symptoms relatively quickly. Subsequent studies have also shown that Activated Barley prolonged remission of these symptoms in many cases. The nutritional content of Activated Barley is especially important for those who are challenged by impaired digestion, as it provides a readily available form of energy which is easy for the body to absorb. A study conducted at the Hamamatsu University and School of Medicine also noted that Activated Barley acts as a prebiotic which helps to increase populations of beneficial microflora in the digestive system. This prebiotic effect works to reduce mucosal damage linked to inflammation of the walls of the colon, offering soothing relief and opening the door to increased nutrient absorption and improved vitality.

What food will you choose before the most intense competition of your life? When every day offers new challenges, only the best foods on the planet can meet our needs for energy, strength, and endurance. The ancient Gladiators knew the secret, immortalized in their name for the benefit of all. True Sun Warriors, experience the life force of Activated Barley!

Sun Warrior Barley is an excellent source of the polysaccharides (essential sugars) known as beta glucans. Beta glucan molecules are long-burning fuel sources that provide energy over many hours. Beta glucan polysaccharides help keep our blood sugar stable while providing minimal calories and maximum muscle exertion capability and brain concentration. Beta glucans have been shown to significantly improve our immune system's ability to produce T cells, NK cells, and white blood cells. Evidence indicates that the beta glucan molecule contains Ormus minerals, which is what gives beta glucans molecules their special qualities and "intelligence" in enhancing the immune response.

Suggested Uses for Sun Warrior Organic Activated Barley

Sun Warrior Organic Activated Barley offers a diverse range of potential benefits for well-being, easing the transition to higher levels of energy and a more vibrant outlook on life on many levels.

Sun Warrior Organic Activated Barley + Maca Extreme. This combination combines the gradual energy release of Activated Barley with Maca Extreme, a potent form of the Peruvian Superfood Maca long known for its abilities to enhance endurance and help the body adapt to stress.

Sun Warrior Organic Activated Barley + Yacon syrup. Activated Barley releases energy slowly into the body, without a surge in blood sugar levels. This property of Activated Barley complements the low glycemic index of Yacon syrup, an alternative sweetener with a rich, fruity flavor. In fact, Yacon and Activated Barley match up on several levels, as Yacon acts as a prebiotic while also supporting the immune system.

Sun Warrior Organic Activated Barley combines well with a square of the gel from Raw, Fresh Aloe vera in any smoothie or juice. This combination emphasizes the digestive support and immunity-building properties offered by both Activated Barley and Aloe, making full use of the polysaccharides in each of these superfoods.

Ingredient: Organic Activated (pre-sprouted) barley powder

Each 454 gram / 1 lb Container of Sun Warrior Organic Activated Barley contains 45 servings of 10 grams / 2 teaspoons.

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