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Excalibur dehydrator / droogoven
Excalibur dehydrator / droogoven
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VitaMix TNC 5200 RVS

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VitaMix TNC 5200 RVS

Prijs: € 625,00 (incl. 21% btw)


  • NEW: 7 year warranty
  • Optimum nutrient availability thanks to micro-chopping
  • Fibre-free drink
  • Recommended by raw food chefs
  • Indestructible professional quality

  • The Vitamix TNC 5200 is unique. It makes not only the creamiest of smoothies, the softest of ice cream and the most heavenly soups that we have ever tasted, but also savoury spreads, fruity desserts, cocktails, and much, much more as well.

    The Vitamix TNC 5200, into which 70 years of experience has been concentrated, splits open the cell walls of your food without causing any damage through heat. The Vitamix releases vitamins and minerals and delivers them free to your body and digestive system. So your body has little digestive work to handle but a lot of pleasure. And on top of releasing the vitamins, the Vitamix also releases in the aromas in your food in the same way. Your food stays as living food and you get an intensive taste.

    Where you might have turned to ready-made products in the past to save time, now you have the Vitamix. And here you use fresh ingredients. You prepare your food without any damage from heat.

    Hot soup? Vitamix lets you do it without cooking. Let the Vitamix run for 3-4 times longer than normal – and your soup will warm up.

    Hot or cold – raw food or heated – Vitamix does it all.

    The Vitamix combines the functions of many different kitchen appliances in a single machine.
    Mixer, ice cream maker, grain grinder, dough kneading machine, ice crusher, vegetable grater, meat grinder.

    The patented design of the blending container ensures that the food is constantly guided back towards the blade during blending. Rather than whisking, the Vitamix blends thoroughly. Which is why raw food chefs and professional chefs love the Vitamix so much.

    The Vitamix TNC 5200 is also child’s play to use – with the new, improved high-performance motor, which has an output of over 1000 W, you can vary the speed with infinitely variable speeds, or switch on the turbo. To clean it, simply pour some water into the container and let the appliance run for 15 seconds. Done. The performance of this appliance is simply a delight. With its ergonomically designed handle and new lid, the unbreakable blending container fits securely in your hand and makes handling so much easier.

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    VitaMix TNC 5200 RVS€ 625,00 

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    VitaMix TNC 5200 ROOD
    € 595,00 (incl. 21% btw)
    Perfect for raw food and heated food
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    Green Starâ„¢ Elite Juicer
    € 569,00 (incl. 21% btw)

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    VitaMix TNC 5200 ZWART
    € 595,00 (incl. 21% btw)
    Perfect for raw food and heated food
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